About Our Coatings

Hi-Performance Bullet Coatings is bringing cast bullets into the 21st century. The Hi-Tek Heat Set Supercoat was developed specifically for commercial bullet casters to provide individuals that reload with a cast bullet that didn't smoke and gum up reloading dies like a traditional wax lubed bullet. Properly applied the coating molecularly bonds to the lead, encasing the entire projectile in a protective shell that is self-lubricating. This proprietary coating contains no PTFE or Moly.

What this means to you? No messy wax lubes that smoke, gums up your reloading dies or bullet feeders. Since the bullet is totally encapsulated, it also greatly reduces your exposure to lead. Cleaner hands, cleaner guns and cleaner air are all benefits of the Hi-Tek Supercoat.

In use in it's native Australia for over 20 years. We introduced Hi-Tek Supercoat to the U.S. several years ago. It's been an overwhelming success by both commercial and home casters alike.

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