1 Liter

The original Hi-TEK heat set Supercoat liquid concentrate.

Hi-Performance Bullet Coatings offers Hi-Tek Heat Set “Super Coat” Bullet Coating Kits for the home caster and commercial bullet caster.  The benefits of Hi-Tek Super Coat are numerous:

Hi-Tek Super Coat molecularly bonds to the bullet during the curing process, totally encapsulating the bullet. The coating prevents lead to bore contact and virtually eliminates lead fouling and the smoke normally associated with traditional wax type lubricants. Eliminating the need for messy wax lubricants, your Hi-Tek coated bullets assist in keeping your hands, breathing air, reloading dies, and gun cleaner. As an added benefit, the smooth slippery Hi-Tek coated bullets feed very well in most bullet feeders.

Hi-Tek Super Coat is available in the following colors.


  • Dark Green
  • Red Copper
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Brick Red
  • Black Cherry

Each kit contains instructions, coating and the proper amount of catalyst required.

Detailed instructions provided.

Must be shipped FedEx ground service only.

For orders and shipping information, please call or e-mail

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email: hiperformancebulletcoatings@gmail.com