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Hi-Tek Supercoat Powder - 3.5 OZ. Container

CWHB - 3.5 OZ
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    Hi-Tek Heat Set Supercoat in a powdered format.  Same product as the liquid version but in an easy to use powder.

    Hi-Tek powder is built with the latest generation resins and has the 2-extreme catalyst built in. To use, simply measure out the appropriate amount of powder and add Acetone or M.E.K. (3.5 ounces of powder makes up to 16 fluid ounces of bullet coating).

    Complete instructions are included.


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    1. Great on .22 pellets too

      They seat better and are a touch faster. A bright gold/green gives them a bit a trace ability with my background and target. You need to go slow and gentle, small batch to avoid skirt deformations. Fun yet tedious if ya know what I mean. on Jun 23rd 2019


      I finally tried Hi-Tek powder. After two attempts and then following the complete instructions I have achieved a factory coating on my cast bullets. I could not be more pleased with the finished product. If you try it pay attention to the instructions and do not get discouarged. This stuff really works. on Apr 30th 2019

    3. Temp sensitive, but look great when done right

      This is my first attempt at HTC, so I obviously don't have my toaster oven figured out yet with the HTC. My first batch ended up all different colors, second one closer to the right color, but still different. I just don't want to under cook them, but they go from really nice zombie green to black in the difference of about a minute if you leave them too long. Most likely a quality oven would give me much better results.

      * A consistent, repeatable oven will have you making bullets like the pro's.*
      on Mar 19th 2019

    4. Best product for the handloads

      Very good stuff and easy to use if you follow the directions. I'very also done powder coat but this is way better.A Lil goes a long way as stated....I use 1.25 mil to every 200 bullets.You want 2-3 really think coats and it holds up great!Also do not rush the dry times and cure.I waited 8-10 minstrel between on each and had a dull look.Next batch I done 20 minutes between and they came out perfect on Feb 18th 2019

    5. Best Bullet Coating on the Market

      T his product is so easy to apply and is absolutely the best bullet coating on the market. on Dec 3rd 2018

    6. Awesome product

      Love, love, love the Hi Tek bullet coating system. Instructions are detailed and if you follow them to the letter you can produce a very high quality product. I usually do 3 thin "wash" coats and the bullets are beautiful. No leading in the bore and super convienent.
      Size after coating and put away for future reloading projects.
      on Oct 27th 2018

    7. Great coating once you dial it in.

      I've been using this on my cast 9mm with great success. At first I had failures that where due to user error. Once I figured them out its a great CONSISTENT product. A few pointers from my learning curve.

      DON'T try to use a cheap toaster oven... It just simply won't work. I upgraded to a better toaster oven with 4 heating elements that was actually able to hold a constant temp and was able to eliminate all of acetone test failures as well as eliminate inconsistent color after baking. Next is absolutely do not rush, the bullets need adequate time to fully dry. Your finish will be much better if you give them extra drying time. I also absolutely substitute 25% alcohol in my mix And do not for any reason over tumble. it will cause flaking issues and smash test failures. I tumble for 10 seconds, your bullets should still be wet with no change in sound when you dump them. If the sound has changed, or they are tacky and sticking together you tumbled to long.

      Get a process down and stick to it and you will have great looking bullets.
      on Sep 26th 2018


      on Aug 31st 2018

    9. Good stuff

      After having fired over 400 9mm cast lead handgun bullets treated with the supercoat powder coating in four different guns, I think the coating offers several advantages over traditionally lubed bullets. Mostly, it is a cleaner process, both for my barrels, but also application-wise. Once I mastered the procedure, I saw no reason to ever use traditional lube ever again. I have been casting, loading and shooting cast bullets for over 45 years, and this is the biggest innovation in the field of cast bullets I've seen yet in my lifetime. on Aug 30th 2018

    10. Very high Quality

      I was hesitant to buy this over normal powder coat like eastwood that so many casters talk about on youtube, but I figured this would be much higher quality because it takes multiple coats. I bought the 3.5 ounce powder and bought acetone at walmart, I put on 3 coats which was actually very simple once you have a quick measuring system. Just for reference of how this might help your bullet in the barrel, I remelted some of the bullets I coated with 3 layers, they floated on top of the rest of the molten lead for a few minutes then i pushed them under and fluxed the lead. To the top rose all the coats, crumpled and burnt but still in chunks. Granted Im not sure how hot the base of a bullet gets once fired but this will definitely go a heck of a job preventing leading. I am anxious to buy more colors. on Jul 3rd 2018

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