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Hi-Tek Supercoat Powder - 3.5 OZ. Container

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    Hi-Tek Heat Set Supercoat in a powdered format.  Same product as the liquid version but in an easy to use powder.

    Hi-Tek powder is built with the latest generation resins and has the 2-extreme catalyst built in. To use, simply measure out the appropriate amount of powder and add Acetone or M.E.K. (3.5 ounces of powder makes up to 16 fluid ounces of bullet coating).

    Complete instructions are included.


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    1. Greatest quality

      Great product!!! on Feb 5th 2021

    2. Longtime bullet maker/experimenter

      I have been casting and swaging bullets for decades. I have used various lubes and gas checks as well as base guards. This is by far the best way to treat bullets. I was concerned that the coating would not adhere to swaged bullets. The instructions suggest that once a bullet has been sized, the coating would not reliably adhere. Nonetheless, I tried hi-tek on swaged bullets and got good adhesion. Performance and accuracy were excellent with conventional and polygonal barrels up to 1400fps in three different .357 revolvers. Same true in .45ACP up to about 1000fps. Hope to try a 180 grain cast gas check bullet in a .308 win. up to about 2400fps, but I need to get a harder alloy. In the mean time I plan on using the same bullet in a .300AAC. on Feb 2nd 2021

    3. Tricky at first

      It is different from powder coating but once you gave it mixed it’s easy to apply I think this exceeds the performance of traditional powder coating in almost every way on Jan 28th 2021

    4. Excellent

      Excellent product but superior customer service on Jan 21st 2021

    5. great product

      studied youtube vis read instructions a few times to be sure came out great after i learned how long to coat love this stuff on Jan 17th 2021

    6. great product

      studied youtube vis read instructions a few times to be sure came out great after i learned how long to coat love this stuff on Jan 17th 2021

    7. Awesome

      Way better than powder coat. Read instructions, take your time. I added an additional step. I washed my bullets in acetone first, just a small amount in container and shook them up. I'm coating bullets out of original Winchester one piece mold. This mold has grooves similar to lees mold you tumble w alox. Took 4 coats to completely cover everything but it's on there doesn't come off even after sizing. Just bought more in another color on Dec 31st 2020

    8. Better than sliced bread.

      This stuff is great. Did around 500 bullets when I received the product and can not wait for the weekend to do the rest. on Dec 29th 2020

    9. Magic & Science

      Per the title it takes a little magic coupled with the science to get a process that consistently works for an unscientific backyard bullet maker. Having my ratios, cook time & temp with the cheapest oven I could find established, I'm getting really great results. Using Black Cherry & Kryptonite Green coating is very consistent. Recommend it highly & Thank you for a great product. on Dec 9th 2020

    10. Black Hi-tek

      Awesome product in the instructions someone suggested to start lower than 20 gm so I did 15 gm it worked great for the Black no problems at all. on Nov 30th 2020

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