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Hi-Tek Supercoat Powder - 7 OZ. Container

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    Hi-Tek Heat Set Supercoat in a powdered format.  Same product as the liquid version but in an easy to use powder.

    Hi-Tek powder is built with the latest generation resins and has the 2-extreme catalyst built in. To use, simply measure out the appropriate amount of powder and add Acetone or M.E.K. (7 ounces of powder makes up to 32 fluid ounces of bullet coating).

    Complete instructions are included.


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    1. I can't imagine an easier way to coat bullets.

      It's quick, easy, and convenient. on Jul 17th 2021


      Easy to use, cost effective, outstanding results. No more powder coating for me. Even more important, no more melted bullet lube to clean up
      on Jul 15th 2021

    3. Awesome product

      Love the product coated over 1000 bullets so fare and love it. Making the switch from powder coat and not looking back. on Jun 23rd 2021

    4. Easy to use. Top quality stuff

      I really like using this for coating cast bullets. Easy to apply and predictable results. The brick red is my favorite color but the dark metallic green is a close second. Next will be the true blue coating on May 9th 2021

    5. Shipped quick

      I haven’t got a chance to use it yet but it showed up fast. on Apr 24th 2021

    6. The best bullet coating out there

      I have been casting bullets for over 35 years. Hi-tek Super coating changed my way of doing bullets totally, once I tried it I have never looked back. Great performance and low cost per bullet. Thanks. on Apr 5th 2021

    7. Three coats

      I run two coats. Then run them through the sizing die and another coat. They look good and no leading. on Mar 26th 2021

    8. Very nice coverage

      I haven't shot any yet, but they seemed to have a very nice even coat and didn't add a lot of thickness. They look much better than my powder coating. Some batches came out a little darker, but I'm sure that is my fault for cooking them in a small toaster over with uneven heating. There wasn't any noticeable difference in the coating durability though. on Mar 22nd 2021

    9. Best bullet coat

      I am very impressed with this bullet coating. Far better than powder coating. I nailed it first try!
      I used two coats, and everything looks great!
      on Mar 14th 2021

    10. Looks great!!

      Wish I could put more down about this product but, I have not been able to shoot any of my coated bullets yet. As far as the process though it has been easy to do. I have used the bronze coating on my 9mm bullets and the cherry red on my 45acp's. Follow the directions and if in doubt go to you tube where you can find videos on the stuff. I just read the directions and it worked as described. The rub test and the hammer test I passed without any issues. I would say to err on the side of thinner coats and just use 4 coats if you really want the color to stand out. Oh and SIZE after you coat your bullets. I ran 450/9mm through my sizer and lost zero coating. If anything it burnished the coating to a smooth glass like finish. Beats the wax lube into the ground IMHO. on Feb 16th 2021

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