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Hi-Tek Supercoat Powder - 7 OZ. Container

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    Hi-Tek Heat Set Supercoat in a powdered format.  Same product as the liquid version but in an easy to use powder.

    Hi-Tek powder is built with the latest generation resins and has the 2-extreme catalyst built in. To use, simply measure out the appropriate amount of powder and add Acetone or M.E.K. (7 ounces of powder makes up to 32 fluid ounces of bullet coating).

    Complete instructions are included.


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    1. Perfect every time!

      I was turned on to this product several years back because I couldnt always use hard lead and often I would cast soft lead. Once I applied this product to my soft cast lead, I had zero leading issues. Now I own every color that's offered. I have cast several thousand projectiles over several years, using both soft and hard cast lead with excellent results. I do youtube tutorials on this product as well. This stuff is.....perfect. on Nov 16th 2020

    2. Excellent product and even better customer service!

      You simply cannot beat this coating. Improved accuracy, increased velocity, clean bore, compared to copper plated bullets. Love it! on Nov 11th 2020

    3. Great stuff!

      Easy to apply and the results are better than I expected. on Oct 22nd 2020

    4. Hi them powder

      I received the item quite fast. I got around to using the product for the first time last weekend. I followed the instructions to the tee and weighed everything on my scale. I coated about 5 pounds of 45 cap bullets. To get a good coat I had to process them 5 times which took some time. The coating covered the bullets but was rough and a bit grainy. I started out with a light coat 4grams and moved up to 6grams. I was a little concerned when I ran them through my lee sizer because of the rough texture especially on the driving bands. However, the sizing die was able to smooth the coating on the bullet bands. I suppose that wasn't bad for a first time. We will see how they shoot this weekend.

      Rough texture is an indication of tumbling the bullets too long.
      Call or email me and I will help you get things sorted out.
      on Oct 7th 2020

    5. Good stuff

      Awesome customer service. Came with detailed instructions and super fast shipping. on Aug 30th 2020

    6. Good stuff

      Awesome customer service. Came with detailed instructions and super fast shipping. on Aug 30th 2020

    7. Buy you will not regret

      I have tried other product but this one is way above other products. I even sent some to my Father who has been loading his own for years and he loves it also. You have a customer for life with this product. Thank you very much and keep up with the great products. on Aug 9th 2020

    8. Good product

      Good product just follow directions and you will have good coated bullets. First time using product and very happy. I have ordered more colors. The true blue is tricky to use. First round at range held a 2 inch group. on May 13th 2020

    9. It was never shipped according to USPS

      Like the title says, no tracking info and I never received the order.
      My first order and probably my last.

      I wish you would have included some contact information.
      Please contact me 225.324.4501 I cannot fix a problem if I don't know it exists.
      on May 3rd 2020

    10. Works great

      Follow directions,light coats and your on your way to homemade polymer coated bullets thanks for a great product!! Oh did I say FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! on Apr 1st 2020

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